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The business care for taking control of your computer's software licenses

The Business Software alliance's (Bsa) claim that 90% of all audit letters sent in 2012
resulted from whistle-blower's tip- offs should be a wakeup call to cios. It chiefs may well
ponder how to progress when the boss refuses to budget for the right number of legitimate
software licenses and needs to consider the possibility that disgruntled its staff or contractors are
tipping off suppliers or the Bsa, rather than speaking directly to senior its management about
their software licensing concerns. Whistle-blowers can earn up to £20,000 based the value of the
software licensing feed recouped. For the Bsa, whistle-blowers provide a route into
organization hiding software licensing discrepancies. Building and construction design consult-
ants Kyson Design paid £3,000 in damages for using unlicensed software following an
investigation by the a whistle-blower. The company was required to conduct a self-audit, which
revealed unlicensed adobe, auto desk and Microsoft software.

Reason for Whistle- Blowing

The Bsa's online from for reporting software piracy anonymously is relatively straight
for ward: along with name, address, size of the informant, industry sector, name of ceo and
Miller 2
for ward: along with name, address, size of the informant, industry sector, name of ceo and
contact email address of the informant, the Bsa only needs information on the names of
software, selected from a drop-down list from the 39 companies it represents. The Bsa assures
whistle-blowers their identities wil...

... middle of paper ...

...mation; software flaws that give outside access to sensitive
data; spear- phishing attacks on specific individuals within the organization; attacks on outside
companies such as Twitter or Facebook that might provide passwords and other information
about a company’s users; and pirates hacking into encryption codes for pay TV signals V or
DVD disks. Governments and well-funded organized crime group crime groups are increasingly
involved in the attacks, but some of most successful threats are low-tech tactics to steal
passwords. Tom Desot says, “ we are successful in getting passwords about 95%of the time in
social engineering attacks” that trick users out of their passwords via emails or phone calls.
Even higher success rates of 95%- 98% occur when Digital Defense attempts to breach security
from inside a company by going through desks or offices.

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