Essay about Business Research for Decision Making

Essay about Business Research for Decision Making

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Business Research for Decision Making
The work of decision making involves choosing between issues that require attention, setting goals, designing suitable courses of action and choosing among several alternatives through the evaluation of each one of the alternatives. Of great importance in decision making is the choosing between the several alternatives. The effectiveness of this work of decision making is of great importance for the well being of every business activity and determines the success of every business (Kay Miranda). In the business setup, decisions that can be made could include product improvement, choice of an investment plan, business expansion and areas of improvement. For business leaders and thus the entire business to be effective, determination of problems and the ability to get reasonable solution is crucial. These leaders should also predict new business trends and thus develop products and services as needed. The reliability and validity of the research, and thus the quality of the business decisions is heavily dependent on the human skills as well as the machines that are used in carrying out business research work.
The success of any business activity, and thus the entire business is highly dependent on the reliability and the validity of the research being undertaken. Decision making is a crucial process in the success of every business. Since decision making is dependent on the results obtained from a business research activity, reliability and validity of the quantitative and qualitative research conducted during a business research is very crucial and should thus be always ensured before decision based on the results can be arrived.
A research instrument is considered to be reliable if when co...

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... dictates also the reliability of the results. Moreover, the skills and competence of the researcher and the research designer also dictate the reliability and validity of the results.

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