Business Report: The Planning for the FIFA 2014 Tournament Essay

Business Report: The Planning for the FIFA 2014 Tournament Essay

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The planning for the FIFA 2014 tournament was done by company owner David Miller. He is essentially a one man show when it comes to taking care of all related tasks which are a part of executing his companies various video game tournaments and events. The goals that David set for having a successful FIFA tournament began with the actual event running smoothly and timely. This management of function and time are essential in providing a positive experience for gamers to feel satisfied with the overall quality of the tournament. The next goal is to create brand awareness by promoting other various video game tournaments and events that WeGotGame run. During the tournament, business cards and flyers are handed out which add to word of mouth advertising and provide a reference for interested potential consumers to have on hand. The budget for the event was next to nothing considering that WeGotGame possess their own consoles, screens and lastly a facility which serves as an event space. To prepare for a tournament it typically takes between 2- 3 months to plan which includes promoting the event through Facebook to WeGotGames 160 members. From there, entry fee is collected in advance (on average $25 person), though some ``walk in`s`` are accepted the day of and are subject to paying a slightly higher entry fee. The gaming consoles WeGotGame , use include the XBOX 1, PS4 and XBOX 360 and are chosen based on demand and what games are available for each console. The target demographic is 18-24 year old males. This demographic has been chosen based on the majority of gamers who play FIFA 14. The expected number of participants for the tournament was 32 which is a minimum figure; however that number can go up to 46 depending on h...

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...ntrol setup which would allow his employee’s to exert more self-control giving the confidence and awareness to do these tournaments themselves which will thus free up David to do other things to improve the overall aspect of business like set up more tournaments, hiring more people which would increase the profitability of his company.
In conclusion, this FIFA tournament provided a chance for us to witness how our project manager David Miller of WeGotGame applied planning, organizing, leading and controlling techniques to successfully accomplish the desired goals for himself and the company, we feel that it was a great opportunity to delve into and see how his organization functioned and the tournaments he hosted, as well as seeing the interesting business aspects that are required to have a successfully profitable company dealing with video game competition.

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