Business Proposal For Sirius Satellite Radio Inc Essay

Business Proposal For Sirius Satellite Radio Inc Essay

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Business Proposal for Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

The following is a proposal for Sirius Satellite Radio to gain exclusive rights to Division 1 college football. It examines Sirius' current business model and how this new line of programming could be incorporated in to the existing model.
Sirius Satellite Radio offers advertisement free, subscription based, satellite radio service in the United States and Canada. Sirius was founded in 1990 as Satellite CD Radio Inc., but, according to Radio Ink, officially changed it's name, to the current designation, in 1999. According to Yahoo Finance, they are listed on the Nasdaq 100 under the service industry and have the designation SIRI. The company is run by CEO Mel Karmazin. The CFO and Executive Vice President is David J Frear. Jame E Meyer is the President of Operations and sales. Scott A. Greenstein is the current President of Entertainment and Sports Operations. Finally, Patrick L. Donnelly is acting Executive Vice President, Secretary, and General Counsel. (Yahoo)
According to their website, Sirius's business model is to provide pay-for-service radio, analogous to the business model for premium cable television, in which music channels are free of commercials. Subscriptions are prepaid, with at least three months purchased at a time, and range in price from $12.95 monthly ($6.99 for each additional receiver) to $499.99 for lifetime subscription. There is a $15 activation fee for every radio activated. According to Yahoo Finance, Sirius offers commercial-free music channels that provide a selection of music genres, such as rock, pop, hip-hop, country, dance, jazz, Latin, and classical; and channels of sports, news, talk, entertainment, traffic, and weather content. A...

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... exclusive content. Division 1 college football would be excellent exclusive content that could attract many new customers and make existing ones even happier to have a Sirius Satellite Radio.


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