Business Planning in a Prowactive Way Essay

Business Planning in a Prowactive Way Essay

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WACT (We Are Changing Together) is a Non-Governmental Development Organization for Development (NGOD) whose core activities focus on supporting communities in what concerns health, education and economics, either in Portugal and São Tomé and Príncipe. Being a non-profit organization, it is an ongoing challenge how to finance the proposed actions since most of the financing comes from public and private partnerships.
Aiming to turn WACT into a self-sustainable organization, it is mandatory to access the strategic capabilities of the NGO and find a way of getting financial returns through its own activities, apart from the funds already offered by other entities, such as Government funding and private philanthropy.
The solution found was the creation of a commercial entity called proWACTive, which focus on a variety of business activities that generate revenues to the NGO, rather than focusing on the non-profit activities of WACT mainly done through voluntary actions. The co-existence of these two activities is the best model, as it enables the maximization of social support and fiscal benefits, such as the pro-rata VAT method, which allows the reduction of the VAT deduction.
Social enterprises are authorized to engage in these economic activities for the purpose of raising money to apply in the non-for-profit activities. Thus, the NGOs principal purpose is not the commercial activity but rather the carrying out of the social projects for which the organization was created, which can be improved with the extra investment money that the economic activities bring to the organization.
In order to achieve an excellence arrangement for this NGOD management challenge, this project will focus on the financial sustainability of the N...

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... does in-person programs for low income students in the areas of fitness, nutrition, and leadership with a main focus on fighting childhood obesity. At the same time, it has a for-profit business that focuses on online nutrition and fitness programs for consumers, online corporate wellness, and online pregnancy fitness and nutrition. It brings advantages to the non-profit sector as there have been developed a lot of R&D on the for-profit side which is licensed to the non-profit for free, giving it "bonus" resources.
Portugal also has several good examples, namely the case of Mó de Vida, which is an NGO for Development that seeks to contribute to the creation of a critical consciousness to the current development model. The NGO develops Fair Trade awareness projects in the community and, at the same time, it practices Fair Trade in fairs to raise funds for the NGO.

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