Essay on Business Plan for Electricity Generation from Biomass

Essay on Business Plan for Electricity Generation from Biomass

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Business Plan

Executive Summary


ľ Business Overview
ľ Mission
ľ Vision
ľ Execution Plan
ľ Management Strategy
ľ Market opportunity
ľ Feasibility and Financial Analysis
ľ Risks associated
ľ Mitigating the risks
ľ Future Plans

Executive Summary

Business Overview

Energy, especially from fossil fuels, is a key ingredient for all sectors of a modern economy and plays a fundamental role in improving the quality of life in less developed economies. In 2007, India is ranked fifth in the world in terms of energy demand; accounting for 3.6% of total energy consumed, and is expected to grow at 4.8% in the future. India imports 70% of the oil it uses, and the country has been hit hard by the increasing price of oil, uncertainty and environmental hazards that are concerned with the consumption of fossil fuels. In such context, bio energy constitutes a suitable alternative source of energy for India, as large amounts of raw material are available to be harnessed.

Among various options available for bio-energy, bio-diesel, bio-ethanol and biomass gasification are three major options, which have huge potential in India to develop as energy sources and where investments made would be economical. The objective of this Business Plan is to review the option of electricity generation through the use of biomass energy.


To fulfill the energy needs of the citizen of India while utilizing the renewable sources and hereby providing pollution free and waste free life to the citizens.

Vision 2012
To utilize newer sources of the agriculture waste for the purpose of electricity generation and double the start up capacity in five years.

Execution Plan

The plan...

... middle of paper ...

...tner of this electricity plant. That will definitely decrease our profits and control but it will assure the constant power demand by these industries. Thus we can reduce our external threats through this step. These industrialists will also help financially in our expansion plan and give us better goodwill in the market.

Future Plans

The future plan is to exceed the growth rate of the power sector through constant innovation in technology to convert different renewable sources of energy. Plans are also to develop energy through other sources such as sewage and other domestic waste. Research would also be done to utilize the slag and remains in the power plant for social uses such as development of roads or manure for agriculture. Plans are also to replicate the same model in other parts of India. By these means we will be able to achieve our mission and vision.

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