Essay about Business Owner Of Wyman Cremation And Burial Chapel

Essay about Business Owner Of Wyman Cremation And Burial Chapel

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Sam Bueler is currently the business owner of Wyman Cremation and Burial Chapel; a family- owned and operated company since 1967. He has been the business owner for the past 25 years as he continues to provide the full quality of care and kindness to all families. Bueler understands that family needs differ due their unique backgrounds and cultures but he is committed to serve all families to fulfill the memorialization of their loved one. Throughout the interview, he emphasized the importance of putting his customers needs first. He does this by not pressuring them to make any purchases. Bueler believes that his clients are the best investors in his business because as they leave, they will spread the word that they were treated fairly and not pressured to invest or purchase anything. He is a kind man that pledges to provide quality cremation and funeral services with compassion and respect as taught by his grandfather and father, who laid the foundation for the business. The Wyman Cremation and Burial Chapel may be found in the Metro Phoenix and Mesa area. Bueler’s business is not only well known in the Metro Phoenix and Mesa area but also on the Navajo reservation. His remarkable services continue to receive high ratings, as he is an approachable and down to earth individual who is dedicated to his funeral home business.

2. How did he/she develop his/her interests?

Sam Bueler developed his interests at a young age. He grew up surrounded by his father and grandfather, who both took part in the family owned business. At the time, they were both were excellent leaders in the funeral home services. His family has been in the funeral home services for a total of fifty years and the tradition was passed down to Bueler. He describ...

... middle of paper ...

...erience that brought back many memories. I now realize how fragile life can be and to never take it for granted.

10. Describe the details that you would want for yourself when you die. Include type of music (if any), cremation/burial, types of flowers you like (if any), and any other specific services (e.g. military, Catholic, open or closed casket, etc.)
If I had to plan my own funeral I would like to have a below ground burial with a closed casket because I do find it uncomftorable viewing the dead. I would also like to be buried back on Tohono O’odham reservation beside my relatives. Music wise, I would like to have flute-playing music in the background. It is often common for the family to host a feast for those who attended so I would request for traditional food to be served. I do not have a preference of the type of flowers will be presented at my funeral.

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