Business Organization: The Geographic Model Essay examples

Business Organization: The Geographic Model Essay examples

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Companies always face a limitation of financial resources; however, they have to keep investing in order to improve their profitability, market share and consequently the capital base. Such activities that the company does to improve the core value of their products is referred to as the core activities. As compared to the peripheral activities which add minimal value to the organization, core activities are strategic activities that provide competitive advantage for the business (Jacques, 2006). Most companies have decided to invest in the global market in order increase their market share. However, the global competition has become more complicated with the reduction of international communication and transport costs. New markets continue to open and the global landscape has created new threats as well as opportunities. According to Fletcher & Seminara, (2014) in order to achieve maximum profitability; multinational companies should be organized into divisions or geographic locations in order to assist the company to achieve its goals and objectives. The company must also be willing to have joint partnerships with other companies so as to strengthen its base in the international market.
T-Mobile USA is a national provider of messaging, wireless voice, and data services. It is an openly traded company with the Deutsche Telekom owning 67% of its share (T-Mobile, n.d). So as to penetrate the international market, it should adopt an organizational structure that would make it maintain a competitive ground in the global market.
Strategic Growth Options
Strategic Alliance
According to Wakeam, (2003) building of alliances by companies always balloon their portfolios with willing partners. The process of liaising with other companies i...

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