Business Opportunity Of Voxpro, A Startup Venture Essay

Business Opportunity Of Voxpro, A Startup Venture Essay

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1.0 Introduction
Entrepreneurship is generally defined as the process of taking risks to develop, arrange and mange an enterprise in a competitive market that is always transforming (Hisrich 2010, p.10). Those who carry out this process are termed as entrepreneurs and they are thought to have distinct character and personality traits that enable them to do this besides being leaders and innovative individuals. Schumpeter, a twentieth century economist, noted that entrepreneurship entails various conditions such as the production of new products and services, a change in production methods, transformation of the market and emergence of a new market, new sources of materials and new firms or industries (Baum et al, 2014, p. 6). What eventually leads to the creation of new industries, firms, markets, products and services is the ability to recognize feasible opportunities and undertaking the entrepreneurial process of risk taking, organization and management (Kuratko 2016, p. 377). This essay analyses the business opportunity of Voxpro, a startup venture, in order to determine its feasibility in the market. The aim is to understand opportunity identification, evaluation and feasibility of the entrepreneurial process.
2.0 Voxpro Overview
Voxpro is a customer service and technical support company that was established in 2001 by Dan and Linda Kiely (Gallagher 2015). The company’s headquarters are in Ireland, but it has operations in the US, France, Canada, Spain among other countries. Voxpro delivers customer service on behalf of 300 companies. Since the company services a global market, it offers multilingual services and , hence, communicates with their clients in twelve languages (Quinn 2015). As a global outsource compan...

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...ose attitude is invaluable for attracting and retaining clients (Voxpro 2016).
Voxpro is engaged in European outsourcing where companies looking to have foreign presence sought their multilingual services. For instance, the company works with multiple US companies such as Stripe and Nest Labs who would want to scale their services to the European market can apply their services (Voxpro 2016). Those who choose to do so gain because Voxpro has a huge diversified workforce from different cultures and with the technical know-how to provide the services. As mentioned before, the company provides its services in 24 languages some of which include Spanish, French, Dutch and Portuguese. Using several languages make the Voxpro differentiate itself in the market and making it more appealable to global brands who want to penetrate foreign markets with different cultures.

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