Business of Interest: Carrier Transicold Corporation Essay

Business of Interest: Carrier Transicold Corporation Essay

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I find Carrier Transicold Corporation interesting because they are a global force in transport refrigeration and a competitor of the company I work for. Carrier Transicold offers the industry's most complete range of products for container refrigeration, truck, trailer and rail refrigeration, bus, and recreational vehicle air conditioning (Carrier Corporation, 2012). The equipment the company manufactures provides transport temperature controlled solutions to customers who haul freight. Transport Refrigeration Units (TRUs) are refrigeration systems powered by diesel internal combustion engines designed to refrigerate or heat transported perishable products in various containers, including semi-trailers, truck vans, shipping containers, and rail cars. Fresh flowers, produce, ice cream, and blood plasma are examples of products sensitive to temperature and need continuous temperature monitoring.
Competitive Environment
Carrier Transicold has one major competitor in the marketplace. The competition for market share is Thermo King Corporation. Both Carrier Transicold and Thermo King Corporation are divisions of larger companies, United Technologies and Ingersoll Rand respectively. Thermo King is the premium priced product in the marketplace and has the dominant market share. Customers loyal to Thermo King include Wal-Mart, Target, CR England, and Marten Transportation. These customers purchase trailer products on an annual basis. Loyal Carrier customers include Prime, Grocery Supply, and Kobuke, Lee, Liles, and Moudy (KLLM).
Carrier Transicold has a strategic goal to sell more equipment than the competition by cutting the unit price to obtain customer orders. This strategy has helped the company to increase market share. Thermo...

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