Essay on Business Models : A Challenging Agenda

Essay on Business Models : A Challenging Agenda

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Title: Business models: A challenging agenda

The author of this online article is John Q. Smith, a professor at Cornell University. He has a good background in business management and provided contact information
The authors of this article is Charles Baden-Fuller and Vincent Mangematin. Charles Baden-Fuller is Centenary Professor of Strategy at Cass Business School, City University London and Vincent Mangematin is Professor of Strategic Management and scientific director at Grenoble Ecole de Management (France).: The information came from the author biographies in the article Business models: A challenging agenda. In this article there are citations but no links to other web sites.

(3) Objectivity (what): What is the purpose of the site (inform, entertain, persuade, advertise, etc.)? Is the discussion fact-based or opinion-based?

Response: The purpose of this site is to persuade. The discussion in this article is fact-based.

(4) Currency (when): When was the site originally created? Has it been recently updated? Are the links working?

Response: This site was originally created in 2013. This site have not been recently been updated.

(5) Coverage (why): Why is this site worthwhile? Is the site easy to navigate and does the information seem logical?

Response: I think this site have some interesting discussions about business model. This site is easy to navigate and the information seems rational.

III. Reflection:
Please provide a detailed response for each reflection item listed below:

Item I: Referring specifically to the five criteria listed above in blue, explain why you feel the online source you selected would be suitable to use as a reference for a colle...

... middle of paper ...

...t is to use academic or professional search engines. Using these engines will increase your chances of finding reliable sources. Being able to distinguish between reliable and unreliable sources on the internet will make it worthwhile when completing a research paper.

Review the grading rubric before submitting this Activity.
*** Students: Do not delete the grading rubric below. It must remain in this document.***
Unit 6 Assignment Grading Rubric
Quantitative Analysis: (point breakdown) Points possible Points earned
Identify: Provide title and URL of source. 5.0
Apply: Address each of the 5 W 's. 15.0
Reflection I - Suitability: (minimum 10 sentences). 10.0
Reflection II - Future Value: (minimum 10 sentences). 10.0
Style (spelling, grammar, and sentence structure) - 20% as outlined in the Assignment grading rubric located in the Syllabus.
Total points 40.0

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