The Business Model Of Frontier Essay

The Business Model Of Frontier Essay

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When Frontier got its “restart” back in 1994, the idea was that the airline would be a small, regional airline. After going through many ups and downs associated with the cyclical nature of the airline industry and facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, Frontier needed to change some things. Finally, in 2013, Indigo Partners acquired Frontier Airlines and immediately began the process of making the airline an ultra-low-cost-carrier or ULCC. Frontier is still facing the growing pains of being a ULCC and is still trying to get settled in. Some of these growing pains include having to compete within the same market against other ULCCs like Spirit or Allegiant, and also against the big airlines that feel the encroachment of the ULCCs on their market shares, resulting an interesting challenge for Frontier as they get settled. We’re going to take a look at how Frontier uses the four P’s of marketing to keep them competitive in their new ULCC business model.
The first P to look at is Product. The product in this case is a service, a service of providing a flight from one place to another. For Front...

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