The Business Model Design Essay

The Business Model Design Essay

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The business model is a design for a successful operation in business, identifying revenue sources, customer base, product and details of financing. It describes the rationale of how an organization creates, deliver and capture values in economics, social and cultural contexts. It may also be a plan implemented by a company to generate revenue and make profits from the operations. The module, therefore, includes the components and functions of a business.
Large scale change
Short term plans
Expanding a business in some new areas always requires good research and a sober design making. In this case, for instance opening a jewelry shop in Shangai china will need some research done and it is important to try it in the short term module before venturing into it for a long term. This helps to evaluate the progress of a business in a new environment. Usually a company has to make the hard decision to change its business model to either incorporate changes in the marketplace, or to take the changing company into a completely new market. Opening a jewelry business in china could be ...

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