Essay about Business Metrics : Weave Tech

Essay about Business Metrics : Weave Tech

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Weave Tech has several strategic challenges and opportunities since the purchase of the once then called Johnson-ware apparel in 2007. Since the organization has had the challenge of rebranding themselves to attract a new customer base which is also an opportunity to grow the organization. Weave Tech has to reposition the organization to be successful throughout the changes. Another strategic challenge the organization is undergoing is reorganizing and attracting a new management team which causes for cuts and layoffs. These cuts and layoffs can drastically effect the morale of other employees and ultimately production. Over the next 3 years Weave Tech goal will be to strategically handle these challenges and opportunities while improving sales and investing in new technologies. (Beer & Swiercz, 2015)

Business Metrics

Weave Tech can track cost management and measure their success by including employee retention, sales, profits and production. In order to attract new employees; sales profits and production will play a major part in recruiting top managers to execute a plan in the next 3 years that will need to involve a quality management performance base pay. The first performance metric that should be tracked is the customer satisfaction score, this will help improve the sales profits. Customer satisfaction score should be measured internally and externally by doing so it will help the organization identify where changes are needed. The next metric is productivity; Weave Tech wants to offer some new quality products that attract more than just military customers. In order to launch a new product, the organization should determine the cost per unit and determine the output cost as well. If these metrics are met ...

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...everal risk involved when it comes to terminating employees, when Weave Tech decides to terminate their manager’s certain steps are needed to protect the organization from litigation. Offering severance agreements not only protect the organization from litigation it allows the organization and the employee to part ways respectfully. Another risk that could possibly effect Weave Tech is integrity issues. Having a merit production rate environment, Weave Tech has to entrust the managers they hire with important information in regards to their employees. In order to safe guard this information only certain employee data should be shared with management and if a breach were to occur it should be handled immediately. The steps to handling an integrity issue is to notify staff, have appropriate disciplinary actions and appropriate disclosure. (Robert C Chandler, 2005 )

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