Essay on Business Management Experience

Essay on Business Management Experience

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The Wage and Hour Division (WHD) within the Department of Labor (DOL) had measured success by the amount and number of back wages restored to underpaid employees after the Agency investigated and discovered violations of labor laws. In 2008, DOL began formulating a new strategic plan that directed WHD to work towards preventing violations, as opposed to responding to them. As the Deputy Regional Administrator of the WHD Northeast Region, with a staff of 300 employees and managers and an annual budget of approximately $30 million, I recognized that this new strategy required a new approach to performing our work. I directed my region to move from a reactive agency, which responds to complaints received, to a proactive law enforcement agency, with an industry-based directed enforcement program. Quickly, I found that changing the mindset of the managers and investigators in the division to follow this new approach would be difficult.

I began to tackle this challenge by developing a planning paradigm to be used by the entire agency. This strategy requires offices to look at underserved populations of employees in their area of responsibility, identify major compliance problems that are not easily solved in low-wage industries, and develop strategies which expose the violation prone areas of the key players in that industry. I designed the paradigm so that via enforcement, compliance assistance, litigation and the media, WHD could push industry to increase the percentage of employers in compliance. I then changed our regional success metrics to make industry-wide compliance of wage and hour laws the main standard, so employees would be motivated to focus on total compliance.

I met with Northeast Region employees, investigat...

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...ers to questions raised by them or the employees who were to be competitively sourced.

The team performed their responsibilities (in conjunction to their regular duties) interviewing employees to obtain all job functions that they perform. They also gathered information as to the property that they handled and used in the completion of their responsibilities. As a result of all the information gathered and processed by team members, I issued the work statement within the time frame required, including our recommendation in the provision of government-furnished agency property.

At our last team meeting, team members had a team dinner and expressed their thanks, appreciation and gratitude to me for my work as team leader in leading our group to complete our task in a timely, efficient and complete manner in spite of extremely stressful nature of the assignment.

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