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In corporate America the term used to describe a person in a position of power is “Manager”. A leader can be a manager, but a manager is not necessarily a leader. Leaders motivate, challenge, and influence others to achieve goals. Great leaders have the necessary skills and attributes which allow them to connect with the team and organization. Being a leader is not the same as managing an organization. Leader’s posses the interpersonal skills needed to influence others to achieve a goal willingly. Leading is a major part of a manager’s job. Leaders do not need to be a manager to lead people, but managers must know how to lead as well as manage.
Each person in a company brings his or her own experiences, values, and beliefs to the company. All the experiences, values, and beliefs combined formulate the organizational culture of the company. A sick organizational culture can cause failure in a company. In a company with a healthy organizational culture employees work together to ensure the company reaches its goals. Each company has a vision. A leader helps others to see the vision and inspire them to make the vision reality. Van Hooser, Phillip asserts that leadership is ineffective without a vision, employees or teams can establish a vision for jobs or an organization, and many people are more focused on carrying out his or her duties each day. Even some managers do not have a clear vision. When looking at an organization’s culture, one sees the motivation given employees to achieve the organization’s goals.
One way a leader motivates employees is to lead by example. For example, if a leader states that company policy is company vehicles are not to be used for personal business, the same leader must also abide by the polic...

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...violating a code, the employees are less inclined to follow the code. In turn, more behavior that is unethical can follow.
In conclusion, strategies are used by leaders to promote a healthy organizational culture. The four functions of management play a role in supporting and maintaining a company’s culture. A healthy organizational culture will go beyond the everyday duties and ensure company goals are achieved. The values, beliefs, and experiences of each employee blend to create a unique environment within a company. Each person has his or her part in helping the organizational culture.

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