Business is Compatible With Sustainable Growth and Environmental Well Being

Business is Compatible With Sustainable Growth and Environmental Well Being

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Several studies have been commissioned to look into ways of modern business values (such as technology) are incompatible with sustainable growth and environmental well-being. People provide a broader approach to the introductory analysis of modern business problems and principles by their method of decribing business in a general way and relating into society as a whole. Business world is changing too fast. Globalization, technology, markets, new competitors, new activities are all causing quicker changes in our corporate environments. Focusing on results means that we have to define very clearly the relation between those main points, so that the outcome can be continuously measured against the facts. Improvement of the main objective of this conference is needed to listen to assessment of where we are today in terms of modern business, sustainable development, and environmental well-being.

Modern businesses have an implicit set of essential values, however the most significant property is technology. The information technology may have streamlined the business processes, but also lead to job redundancies, retrenchment and outsourcing. This means that a lot of lower and middle level jobs have been done away with causing more people to become unemployed. Not only business world have influenced negatively but also society is affected unfavorably, for example genetically modified food which damages health or mobile phones which cause to radiation. Furthermore, gaining access and information is became easy and this lead to datamining, workplace monitoring and privacy invasion which are ethical issues that arise from technology. Limits and opportunities should be presented by changes in global, social and environmental circumstances, as limitations of future growth may occur if the global and environmental perspectives for sustainable societies are ignored.

Nowadays, ‘Up-to-date business properties are compatible with sustainable growth and environmental well-being’ is an impossibility statement that modernity’s shift to environmental governance for sustainability is not a harmony, just a complication. Sustainable development satisfying the needs of today, without risking the possibilities of satisfying the needs of coming generations. The concept of growth is focused and centres on national and international changes of society from a social, economic, political and ecological point of view. Social relations have changed in ways that have undetermined the modernization process associated mainly as union busting, workplace surveillance and employment law.

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