Business Is All About Decisions Essay

Business Is All About Decisions Essay

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Business is all about decisions. There are decisions regarding staffing, products, contracts, and policies just to name a few. Executives are plagued with an enormous amount of pressure to make the right decisions on all accounts. When one adds in the legal aspects applicable to business, the job of the executive becomes all the more difficult. There are both federal and state laws applicable to almost every size and type of business. At times, the law is not clear and concise resulting in a need for interpretation. This interpretation is provided through the courts in the form of case law (Kubasek, Browne, Herron, Dhooge, & Barkacs, 2016). As judges decide cases, their opinions or interpretations become law (Kubasek, Browne, Herron, Dhooge, & Barkacs, 2016). Businesses can be particularly vulnerable in the area of employee, discrimination, and consumer law, therefore a review of case law in these areas can help ensure the business maintains compliance.
Employment Law
Employment law can be a concern for businesses due to the sheer number of laws falling within the category. The relationship between an employee and employer has not always been healthy, therefore laws were created to protect the employees. There are several examples of the impact employment case law can have on a business, although the case of City of Ontario, California v. Quon (2010) shed some much needed interpretation onto the area of employee privacy. The Ontario Police Department provided text enabled pagers to officers and after months of overages, decided to pull text message transcripts to determine whether the text message limit needed to be raised (City of Ontario, California v. Quon, 2010). Upon pulling transcripts, the Department found many of the messa...

... middle of paper ... to protect the safety of consumers. This case proved that a business could be liable for hackers gaining access into a system if there was a gross disregard of cybersecurity standards.

Part of running an ethical, legal company involves the evaluation of all laws applicable to the business. However, at times, the laws are not clear and portions or even entire sections are left up to interpretation. This causes several issues for business working to remain ethical and compliant. Through the use of case law, the courts provide an interpretation of unclear areas of law which can help to protect the business. The precedents set by case law provide helpful clarifications necessary to conduct business in a compliant manner Case law should be read critically and closely to determine what impact the decision has on the business and the industry as a whole.

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