Business Implications As Europe 's East Essay

Business Implications As Europe 's East Essay

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Business Implications as Europe’s East Extends to West

Since 1950 European Union (EU) was created it has promoted peace, prosperity and values among the member nations and its neighbouring countries. EU’s influential tools, has helped transform many European states into functioning democracies and prosperous countries. EU’s membership has grown from 6 to 28 countries (Enlargement, 2014), satisfying an historic vow to integrate the continent bringing in most states of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) by peaceful ideals.EU has anticipated the enlargement as an extraordinary opportunity to endorse political strength and economical success in Europe. EU’s extension policy is open to any European state that fulfils the EU’s political and financial criteria for membership; still the political process of inclusion of new state requires unanimous agreement from all the existing 28 member states. Europe is considered to be more flourishing and safer place due to the promotion of democracy, anti-corruption policy and the single market policy.

Past Setbacks; High politics surpass the economic gains. The thoughts and scarred lifestyle due to cold war with Soviet Union has faded impact on the “new” EU states. Old states fear the aggressive anti-Communist elites as they displayed a vast growth in an incredibly short phase.Though these States tend to be optimistic yet resist dictatorship and there is a fear of being swamped by the powerful West. CEE’s have a cold war vision against the United States while Western Europe has strong ties with the United States (Darnton, 2004). The CEE consecutively fears that Western products will push local farmers into gloom by filling their products in the market. Additional members ...

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...with EU since 2005. “Enlargement fatigue” has its own severe blow on EU’s integration capacity (Archick & Morelli, 2014). Funding countries meet pre-accession criteria, supporting development of civil society, professional mobility assistance, business growthand various transformation cost EU €500 billions (European Union, 2013). EU’s economic difficulties has made Ireland to have a second thought to join EU. The ability of aspirants to implement EU standards are doubtful, especially in areas related to policies like rule of law, fundamental rights, and anti-corruption measures (Archick & Morelli, 2014). Solving internally exisitng issues limits EU’s enlargement agenda geographically . Despite economic difficulties EU faces presently,the extended EU with an financial structure equivalent to United States will ultimately challenge U.S dominance in the longer term.

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