Business Foundations : Assisted Me Essay

Business Foundations : Assisted Me Essay

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Business Foundations has assisted me in pursuing my academic and professional goals. My academic goals are to be able to learn as much as I can about in business which will lead me to a successful professional career in business. This class will assist in my goals of academics because it gave me a foundation of all the different disciplines in business. Business Foundations was a building block of my future classes that I will take in my academic career in order to graduate with a BBA in Operations Management. Business Foundations has assisted me in my professional goal because it taught me how to work on a team. Being a part of a team and learning how to do effectively can help in being successful and achieving my goals in my professional career. My professional goal is to have a career with a job that I enjoy working it every day. It would be a job that doesn’t feel like a job and It’s something I would be happy waking up and going to do it every day.
Prior to taking Business Foundations I had a wide variety of perspectives on all the different disciplines of business. When I first thought about business I perceived thoughts that ended up being false and there was more of the disciplines that what I had thought. I believed that Marketing was only involved with sales and advertising. Now I realize that Marketing is much more than just that. Also, I perceived that all accountants were CPA’s and that all accounts have to pass the CPA exam. In reality all accounting majors do not have to take the CPA exam, there are jobs for accountants without taking the exam.
I am currently enrolled in the Lindner College of Business to pursue a degree in Operations Management. I applied over the summer and got accepted in the Fall of 2016. Getti...

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...ream job would be to be a Purchasing Manager with Heinen’s. To work for them would be my dream job because I previously shadowed the current Purchasing Manager of Heinen’s. When I worked with him I thought the job was really interesting and it’s a job that I would enjoy having. Working with a company that I have worked with in the past and the fact that I am currently on a rise to success in the company is a key factor in why I want to work for them and grow my career with them.
Potential mentors that will help me in my career path will be all the people that I have met during my 3 years of working at Heinen’s, during my internship and high school job. Other potential mentors that will assist me are all my brothers of Theta Chi fraternity and the network I have built with them. Networking with a vast variety of people is key in order to have success in a career path.

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