Business Ethics : Ethical And Social Responsibility Essay

Business Ethics : Ethical And Social Responsibility Essay

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In understanding business ethics it can be problematic in the sense that, this area is vast, often surrounding many concerns such as corporate social responsibility, difficult decision making to name a few. Furthermore, it generally addresses the entire scope of responsibilities and obligations that a company has to each of its stakeholders like consumers, employees, shareholders, suppliers and the society. Business ethics is the study and examination of moral and social responsibility in relation to business practices and decision-making in business (Author Unknown, n.d.).

A stakeholder is a group of individual who can affect or is affected by the achievement of the decision-making organization’s objectives (Howitt, 2012). Stakeholders influenced one’s organization and or organizations influenced stakeholders. They are critical in the implementation phase to avoid mistakes. Stakeholders make viable opinions; they can provide consumers what they want instead of what the consumers think they want. It is important to include stakeholders in organizational decision making because without them failure increases. Furthermore, they need to support any decision-making alongside with the executive management support and statement of requirements. Stakeholders are critical especially in the implementation phase to avoid mistakes. They make viable opinions and also give the consumer what they want instead of what you think they want. Nowadays, organization has to be transparent so that everyone sees the product in progress to show a better end result. Good stakeholder management is a testimony to your influence in an organizations and a key component to a healthy project environment (Cooper, n.d.). Stakeholder management helps a business ...

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... managerial unethical behavior. A good way to reduce unethical and bad behavior is to reduce the chances that managers make irresponsible decisions. One way to do that is to remind them that their responsibilities is to be fair and keep the corporations values (Popa & Salanta, 2014).
Ultimately, business ethics and social responsibility should have a positive impact on the success of corporations. Controlling CSI in practice is more important than promotion CSR, managers must understand this. They have greater influence in their teams, to inspire them in establishing a set of values. Human beings are free to act as long as they please, but they have to be conscious of the effect that it may cause others. Ethics can also be defined as the conscience of an individual, the keeper of the moral standards. Determining right from wrong is completely up to the individual.

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