Essay on The Business Environment For Qantas Airways Limited

Essay on The Business Environment For Qantas Airways Limited

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The industry for Qantas Airways Limited is a company that guides a long distance in airline, which is in international and domestic location. Qantas Airways Limited is a company that established as a world airline that comes from Australia.
General environment was the most environment need to cover up and adapt to doing business, which is the business is stable or not. To determine the general business environment for Qantas Airways Limited company, there need to know a several factor which is the economy, social cultural, global, technological, political-legal and demographic factors.
For economic factor, Qantas Airways Limited was stable because the economic in Australia was in good enough to run a biggest airline in their national. Especially, the Australian Dollar was appreciating lately, and then become a strong in their currency. When those happen, more Australian citizen wants to go to a holiday trip to another country. Automatically, Qantas Airways Limited will be a good choice to the citizens who want to go to another country for holiday trip and also for another business trip.
At social cultural of Qantas Airways Limited, they were aiming to develop almost in work environment approach by making diversity to their workforce. Reported from Qantas websites, they have employees, who come from a variety of background and different nationalities represented, then they believe by recruitment and selection will provide the best talent to become their workers, in order to deliver their strategy to be the best low cost airline in the worlds. Besides that, Qantas Airways Limited was supported and encourages the personal and professional development of all employees, and has...

... middle of paper ... in the future in order to be the one of the world’s best premium airlines and setting global standards for long haul travel while delivering an attractive return to their shareholder. Referring from Qantas websites, they need to continue consistence to follow their strategy to make a dream come true by giving priority to customer excellence, build a strong image in Asia, improve ongoing business, deepen and broaden alliance. It will take time to make it a reality in the future. In my point of view, they have a lot of opportunities for success then lead in the global. When they know their opportunities and threat that they are facing, they can easy to use the opportunities and overcome the threat to make benefits for themselves. Most important things, it can maintain for Qantas Airways Limited be a competitive advantage of being national airlines in Australia.

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