Business Development Of Fellers Bakery Essay

Business Development Of Fellers Bakery Essay

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Fellers Bakery
Business growth general is assumed to be good; bigger is assumed to be better (Hess, 2011), but if the proper planning is not in place it can lead to a business failure. Beginning a business based on something she loved, and needed in her life Susan Feller made the brave decision to build a successful business by baking and selling gluten-free cakes and desserts. After her retirement she focused on her dream and solving her own issue, finding food safe and healthy to eat for those, like herself, with Celiac disease and gluten allergies, but they also had to be delicious. Feller had some tough decisions to make as a small business owner, would she be able to keep up with the demand, how can she grow her business and what if she decided she had had enough and wanted to close the business? These are all decisions any business owner have to face at one point or another.
Should She Grow?
Working off a passion is not always a sure solution to success in business. But Feller had managed to have her products in 26 grocery stores, including Whole Foods, on the internet and in her own retail store (Hess, 2011). With no prior business experience, she was handling all aspects of her new found retail store, new-product development, sales, accounting inventory etc… it is certain she needed help. If I were Feller, I would choose to continue to grow my business but would need a business plan and an end goal in mind. Though the plans and goals may change, she needs clear expectation of herself and her business to ensure the growth would prosper. Having a solid foundation will allow Fellers to begin with fewer uncertainties and is an important element for continued business success. It keeps entrepreneurs from moving forward ...

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... point, Fellers will move into the radar of larger companies, making it a target (Hess, 2011). This can obviously pose a challenge to small businesses as larger companies have more resources available to them. If she is not willing to take these risks, Fellers should not grow her business.
Growth can be both rewarding and dangerous, but must be thought-out carefully. Not all growth is good, businesses must weigh their options to decide the best course of action for their business. Weighing out the pros and cons of growth and choosing the appropriate strategy will ensure the success of the growth. Not every business wants to reach the million dollar mark, but with a solid growth strategy in place these decisions can be made. Fellers has the potential to grow her business, she just needs to decide if it is the right decision for her to make.

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