The Business Concept of Training Transfer Essay

The Business Concept of Training Transfer Essay

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Throughout the world organizations are developing strategies and putting long hours and effort in training the individuals on the job. Firms are attempting to improve interests in professional development to increase employee performance through training. About $100 billion is spent a year to train employees around the world to improve corporate performance in topics such as communication, sales, performance management, operations, and technology with much little impact (Jaidev & Chirayath, 2012). The concept of transfer training used in organizations is commonly used in firms today. This paper will discuss the concept of transfer training strengths and weakness and how trainers can utilize it in the workplace in a more efficient manner.
Training is an intervention used by many Human Resources Departments (HRD) to improve performance and develop knowledge, skills, and abilities on the job (Prieto & Phipps, 2011). However, training often fails to deliver the desired and expected outcome. Organizations must design and implement training programs in the most effective manner and know the factors that contribute to training effectiveness. Firms wishing to enhance Return on Investment (ROI) from learning and training must understand all the factors affecting transfer training and intervene to minimize factors inhibiting transfer (Saks & Burke, 2012).
Transfer training is defined as the extent to which what is learned in training is applied on the job and enhances job related performance (Laker & Powell, 2011). Trainee must apply the learning and trained skills and behaviors from the training to the work environment (Saks & 2012). Trainees continuously apply new knowledge and skills in different job situations to enhance job performan...

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