The Business Case of Gay Marriage Essay

The Business Case of Gay Marriage Essay

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The Business Case of Gay Marriage
The subject of gay marriage is currently a very popular topic in America, as many Americans are for the legalization of it, while many are against it. The definition of marriage, consists of a recognized union between spouses that establishes obligations between the two. Most people marry the individuals whom they love. Love has many meanings. Several generally accepted meanings are “Embracing and caring deeply about an individual” , “To have a passionate affection for someone”, “The feeling that you need or require someone”. When someone has a passionate, embracing, caring feeling for someone else, who are we to stop them from being happy forever? Gay marriage will bring in more money to local businesses, make the people it directly involves happy, and more eager to work. The legalization of same-sex marriage will also improve the economy by bringing in more tax money, will reduce stress in the workforce, and may bring wedding revenue from over 25 million homosexual Americans. When people support either side of the argument relating to the legalization of gay marriage, they are usually either very persuaded for one side or another, and are often stubborn and unwilling to change their opinion. On the side of the opposers, they worry that same sex marriage will change the definition of marriage, and that they will have to explain homosexuality to their children. Another thing that opposers believe, is that legalizing gay marriage will offend God, or is violating natural law. Mostly, lots of Americans are against the legalization, because they are afraid that it will somehow affect them in some way. Or that it will “turn a moral wrong into a civil right”. Legalizing same sex marriage would ...

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... tax estate tax exemption, but the terms “marriage” and “spouse” defined by section 3 of DOMA refers to a heterosexual couple, so Edith Windsor was denied her tax exemption. The Internal Revenue Service that the tax exemptions only applied to heterosexual couples, and required her to pay over $350,000 in estate taxes. When the IRS denied Windsor her tax refund because she was a lesbian based on the Defense of Marriage Act, she sued the United States government. Denying Edith her tax exemption was declared unconstitutional under the Due Process Clause of the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution, because it restricts, and hurts the individuals whom it was created to protect. After the case was brought up to the Supreme Court, the decision regarding Edith Windsor resulted in the federal government being required to repay the tax refund to Windsor (Knowland np).

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