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The Solution to 33rd’s Dilemma
Riverbank, a large city, has a district with a huge problem. Grant’s Valley, although booming with business, is a quaint and historic part of Riverbank that the residents want to keep that way. The business aspect of Grant’s Valley has an ever growing need for more space for tourists to park and there is just too much traffic for the area to withstand. Riverbank’s historically quaint Grant’s Valley would benefit from the destruction of the unused junior-high on 35th and Princeton and the new construction of a one hundred space parking lot and a new park. This would attract more people and lessen the unattractive curb appeal of the parking lot in the residential area of Grant’s Valley that the residents want to keep.
The idea to build a parking lot here would make more sense than on 33rd Street and ruin the historic appeal. While homeowners of the residential area may not like the idea, the city could build a park in the same place to make the parking lot look less horrendous. The two ideas combined would help the businesses with parking issues while giving a residential area a playground for their kids to use.
Although the businesses of 33rd Street have asked for several hundred new parking spaces, the parking lot will only have one hundred spaces. The choice to lower the amount of spaces available is to leave room for a nice park. At the front of the parking lot will be a kiosk and two gates where tourists will grab a ticket and also pay as they leave. This will ensure that the fee of five dollars per hour is being paid by keeping those in who haven’t paid it. The money from that fee would go to maintain the parking lot and bettering the park. To not build a parking garage at this time may anger...

... middle of paper ... payers that do not live in the area.
A third way to fund the building of the parking lot would be a sales tax increase throughout the whole city. The increase will be 0.1% for ten years. This would raise taxes for everyone in Riverbank for ten years on everything they buy instead of a one-time fee of five dollars like the parking pass. While the slight increase of taxes would also get tourists to help pay for the parking lot, they are actually contributing to the cost of the parking lot by paying an hourly fee to park in the parking lot.
Another way that the city could solve Grant’s Valley’s problem would be to build a parking garage. Besides the cost of the garage, the curb appeal to the residents living around it would be horrible. Building a garage would lower the value of the homes around it, and that is the last thing a city wants to do to its tax payers.

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