Business And Leadership Styles : Australia, France, And South Africa Essay

Business And Leadership Styles : Australia, France, And South Africa Essay

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One of the most important parts of preparing for the globalization of your business is to learn about the culture(s) in the new areas you’ll be working in. I chose to review a handful of countries with unique business and leadership styles based on their cultures and compare them to the country I’m most familiar with, the US, to show potential issues a US manager could face when expanding globally. The countries I decided on are Australia, Indonesia, France, and South Africa.

Australia and the US have many commonalities in terms of economics and politics, as well as some similarities in culture. However, the biggest difference between the two, which highly relates to the way management is handled, stems all the way back to when both countries were settled. America was settled by the pilgrims with their religious traditions, at a time when the church was seen as sort of an authority figure. Australia, in contrast, was settled by convicts who were focused on community and opposed controlling forces1. This is what created the contrast between America’s authoritative and strong leadership versus Australia’s egalitarianism views. America is more focused on individual achievements while Australia is focused on common good. Work dominates life more in America than it does in Australia1. Australian managers have to earn the respect of their employees and are viewed as “one of the mates”, so everyone’s opinions are valued and opportunities are as equalized as possible1.

Indonesian business culture could really confuse a new US manager without prior knowledge about it and how to best interact. Time is relative, which is very different compared to America’s obsession with due dates, times, project timelines, etc. Indonesian leaders are mor...

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...throw off a manager who isn’t used to contact during business meetings.

All of these countries have a slightly more lax view on time constraints than the US, so I could easily see that being a possible issue that could frustrate a US manager, they would have to be patient in order to avoid being pushy. There are many specific cultural differences that should not be ignored in order to work smoothly with other countries. I feel that it wouldn’t be difficult to create and maintain a good working relationship in Australia due to the fact that they are highly reliant on overseas markets and trade, so they’re very supportive of globalized business, and have experience in dealing with cultures from all over1. Working with any other culture shouldn’t be too difficult as long as both parties are aware of cultural differences, and can find a way to work together respectfully.

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