The Business and Financial Performance of Lenovo Group Ltd. over a Three Year Period

The Business and Financial Performance of Lenovo Group Ltd. over a Three Year Period

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The Business and Financial Performance of Lenovo Group Ltd. over a Three Year Period


1.1 Reasons For Choosing The Topic
The main reasons for me to choose this topic are as follows:

A company’s financial statement provide essential financial information that will help potential investors to better understand the company’s financial performance.Financial information are also significant for company’s management to analysis the company’s financial position.In the coming future I intend to be a perfessional accountant,therefore I need to practice and learn more about analysis skills and knowledge.

The financial statement of a company is easy to obtain.The financial statement of a listed company is wide open to the public so that I can obtain information through the Internet and libruary.And with all the valuable information I can perform better in the project.
1.2 Reasons for Choosing the Organization
My target company for this research is Lenovo .I am a computer fan,especially for Lenovo computer.My family and I have been using Lenovo computers for many years.And I’ve gained so much knowledge and computer skills from Lenovo computer.

Lenovo computer is very close to my daily life,I use it almost everyday. Nearly every company needs computers in their day-to-day running of business.Lenovo is China's largest personal computer maker by market share.Almost every Chinese know this brand,and is quite popular and has a good reputation all over the world.

In these days more and more people have their own laptop, and computers begin to play a more important role in our daily life. I am very interested in how a computer company’s financial performance would like to be and how a computer company w...

... middle of paper ...

...-environment influence.It consists of five

a).It can analysis the market environment when an organization enters a new industry.
b).It can identify critical success factors in the industry.
c).Analyse life cycle of the industry.
It also have some limitations:
It only provide general information not in greater details of analyzing PESTEL.
Collecting large amount of data from external party could be time consuming and costly.
b). SWOT Analysis
SWOT analysis identifies the key issues emerging from an examination of the organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses and identified internal factors and external factors in the business.
But it also have some limitations:
SWOT analysis only emphasizes the elements of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats,but not include how individual organization overcome the weaknesses and threats themselves.

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