Essay on Business Analysis: Wellpoint Inc.

Essay on Business Analysis: Wellpoint Inc.

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WellPoint, Inc. is one of the largest publicly traded healthcare insurers in the United States, headquartered in Indianapolis, IN. Its subsidiaries: UniCare, Blue Cross of California, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Wisconsin, serve about 6.6 million members around the nation. They offer an extensive selection of healthcare products such as: health maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations, self-injured employer sponsored programs, and specialty plans for dental, optical, pharmacy, and mental health coverage. In 1992, WellPoint Health Networks, a for-profit subsidiary, was incorporated to essentially improve Blue Cross’s financial position after low profits and significant job cuts in the late 80’s. Blue Cross of California (BCC) would keep 80 percent of WellPoint and the BCC board would hold 97.5 percent of the shares in the company. WellPoint did very well with their first year on the market, selling 18 million shares at an unexpected high of 28 dollars, and earning 142.8 million.
Since their creation in 1992, WellPoint Inc. has combined with and acquired many organizations. In 1995, WellPoint and Health Systems International, announced they were going to merge. Terms of the merge would mean the new company would operate under the Blue Cross name, and would consist of a California HMO with 4.4 million members and $6 billion in annual revenue. The expected outcome of the merge was to save WellPoint around $200 million a year. However, the deal fell through when HSI and WellPoint disagreed about who would have full control over the future of the new company. In 1995, WellPoint ac...

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...employment increases, laid off workers lose access to employer-based health care. This subsequent decrease in health care expenditure impacts health care providers and the health care industry at large by decreasing their membership. As a result, health insurers have seen a decrease in growth in net income and operating earnings, especially in its health care market.

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