Business Analysis : Real Estate Buyers Essay

Business Analysis : Real Estate Buyers Essay

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All books for real estate investors promise huge profits that can be achieved with real estate buying, selling and flipping, but there is no money (just expenses incurred) unless the investor sells a property! This book will explain in details how to expand the real estate buyers’ market all over the world to be able to sell properties even in the tough buyer’s market and often sell for more.

You - as a seller of real estate - can find yourself in an unfortunate situation that you have to sell fast and not on the cheap, but your local real estate market is weak and in spite of all your or your realtor’s marketing and advertising efforts your property is still sitting on the market without an acceptable offer… Plus, if this is a significant issue for you, as you do not want to waste your time with such buyers who will not be approved for a mortgage after all the paperwork and efforts, the foreign buyers are mostly cash buyers. In some cases only marketing to the foreign buyers can come to your rescue as it expands your potential buyers’ numbers many times.

Or, you are a realtor or developer who never tried to find foreign buyers, but have heard a lot of stories about the huge success that other local real estate professionals have with foreign buyers of their properties. How do they do this?

How to Sell Real Estate to Foreign Buyers is the first practical book to summarize all one has to know to successfully market and sell real estate internationally. All you wanted to find out about selling real estate to foreign buyers, but did not have anybody around to ask your questions on the topic, has been collected in this book. It is aimed at the property owners willing to sell their property...

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... sellers and their realtors who are seeking additional possibilities to successfully sell their properties for as much as they can get, for which purpose the buyers’ market should be as broad as possible - the whole world, actually, not necessarily only one or the other foreign country. Most of the chapters of the book are practical answers to questions that the author receives daily through her professional website; the questions come from real estate owners, developers and realtors of many countries of the world who want to know how to bring international buyers to their properties.

A summary: this book will help realtors, developers and owners of properties for sale to create the marketing roadmap to effectively market online or offline and sell properties to the buyers all over the world; it is suitable for any property, seller’s situation and marketing budget.

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