Business Analysis : Procter & Gamble Essay

Business Analysis : Procter & Gamble Essay

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I have chosen my website based on my future profession which deals with wholesale, imports, and exports on a national and international level. The website I have chosen is, or Procter & Gamble’s United States website. People are very familiar with Procter & Gamble’s brands, just not with the company itself. P&G’s more well known brands, to name a few, include Swiffer, Bounty, Charmin, Dawn, Febreeze, Gillette, Head & Shoulders, Old Spice, and Tide. P&G’s website contains many useful sections that a customer will find useful when looking more into the company that makes his or her products of choice. Some of the sections include brands, who they are, heritage, and sustainability with many more subsections. A brief look through these sections reveals that Procter & Gamble is much more than just another profit-hungry conglomerate. Through the website’s use of language, images, and colors, it effectively reveals Procter & Gamble is a company dedicated to helping its customers everyday through a wide range of innovative products and a keen understanding of their needs.
Immediately after entering P&G’s website you are greeted by big, bold white letters saying “You’re always there for them. P&G is always here for you.” Upon entering another section the user is, again, greeted with big letters, this time saying, “P&G is made of many individual brands, each serving customers in different ways—but all with a focus on making peoples’ lives a little easier.” P&G offers 225 brands to customers ranging from beauty products to home care and everything in between. Two inconspicuous quotes surely cannot have a significant impact on the visitor, but these two quotes are different. Both quotes make simple remarks, but these remarks...

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... as a company with products people want and need, and nothing more. On the surface it would seem that way, but after looking through the images and the text that goes with it, it is evident that Procter & Gamble are much more than a profit-hungry company. The website does not attempt to sell its products as other companies would, instead P&G takes a different approach. P&G uses the website as an opportunity to connect with the customer on a deeper level and state its commitment to them as a company that has their needs in mind. The company’s website is a very effective tool in conveying its message to customers through a very efficient use of text messages, images, and the use of color to bring one singular message to the customer: You are there for them, We are here for you. It is this commitment to the customer that sets Procter & Gamble apart from other companies.

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