Business Analysis of Africa Israel Investments Essay

Business Analysis of Africa Israel Investments Essay

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Business Analysis of Africa Israel Investments
We propose to present a five star hotel and hospitality leisure business in my country Kenya, which is the best tourist attraction country in Africa and one of the best in the world with many visitors trooping in and out of the country through out the year.
After thorough investigations and survey on different aspects of businesses we decided to introduce this line of business which will include a shopping mall, car rental services(pick up from airport and at different points country wide), bureau de change, game arcade(amusement park), a banking mall, therapeutic and health resort centre, and also Safari tour arrangement section, which will arrange tours for our guests to see the tourist attraction centres both here in Nairobi and the neighbouring attraction centres in different parts of the country. This will be beneficial to many tourist and visitors from all part of the world at their comfort with pre-arrangements with all necessary arrangements before or on arrival.
We have it in mind to work out the accomplishment of this project and follow up to make changes to advance the efficiency of the business and with the inclusion of the shopping mall which will serve both the guest of the hotel and the public.
Since our business will serve both local and international clientele. The initial marketing will be creating of awareness by reducing the price of our services to the public in turn to create a growing collection of successful clientele. Also we will promote and carry out seminars at no cost that is addressed to both international and local clientele.
We will embark on quality awareness and this will be achieved by making sure that proper advertisements are done both locall...

... middle of paper ...

The most important fraction of the commencement costs will come from an investment bank, which I have consulted for a loan since there are sources of repayment and they are willing to embark on this project. We have also mapped out some money from other businesses which we have been running and these funds will be the main source of original working capital. We have a fixed bank deposit which is reserved for future occurrence or risk.

As the initiators of this project, we would like to know the following:
- When our guests will come to survey the locality of the site analysis
- The percentage they are planning to contribute
- The modalities involve in the project
- The urgency involve in embarking on the project
- Any other idea or advice they have in the completion and running of the project and against conflict and future risk.

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