Business Analysis: NextEra Energy Essay

Business Analysis: NextEra Energy Essay

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NextEra Energy Resources is a leading clean-energy company with more than 15,000 employees in 27 states and Canada and the number one producer of wind energy in North America. The managers are guided by the following leadership principles and behaviors:
Excellence: puts top priority on getting results, continuously seeks improvement, creates an environment where people work their best.
Safety First: promotes safety in the workplace, monitors the safety behavior of others.
Ownership: creates a feeling of energy, excitement and personal investment, takes responsibility for own mistakes, fosters a sense of energy, ownership and commitment to the work.
Trust: lives up to commitments, recovers from violating trust, does not omit controversial information or changes information to suit others, is honest and forthright in dealing with people, treats others fairly and consistently.
Integrity: models and inspires high levels of integrity, readily shares credit and gives opportunity for visibility to others, accepts responsibility for mistakes, shows consistency with principles and values, shows consistency between words and actions
Respect: works constructively under stress and pressure, encourages others to express their views, even contrary ones, conveys trust in people’s competence to do their jobs, facilitates discussions to ensure that everyone’s viewpoint is heard.
Communicate Effectively: exhibits appropriate nonverbal behavior to show receptivity to other’s spoken message, expresses thoughts, opinions and disagreement constructively and tactfully, listens attentively and with empathy to concerns expressed by others.
Promote Teamwork: values the contributions of all team members, promotes teamwork among groups; dis...

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...two ethical individuals.

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