Business Analysis: Keurig Company Essay

Business Analysis: Keurig Company Essay

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The founders of Keurig Inc. created the company to develop an innovative technique which allows customers to brew one perfect cup of gourmet coffee at a time. In this case, the CEO Nick Lazaris along with the other leaders of Keurig Inc. must determine how to successfully enter the at-home-market for use at customers’ homes, while maintaining a healthy relationship with Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) and Van Houtte. GMCR and Van Houtte are two of the company’s main roaster partners that own a 70% stake in Keurig, so they want the business to succeed but are a little apprehensive about the company’s marketing and pricing strategies.
Reviewing the company’s distribution and channel strategies may help determine the appropriateness of the strategies in the current market and if the company needs to make adjustments to their strategies. Also determining Keurig Inc.’s pricing strategies for consumer sales and aids the business in determining if their pricing strategy is appropriate for the current market. Lastly, identifying promotions for consumer sales helps Lazaris and the other leaders of Keurig Inc. determine if they must change their promotions to obtain the maximum profit from at-home-market sales.
Keurig Inc.
Keurig Inc. founded in 1992, manufactures and designs single-cup brewing systems for use in commercial offices, food service, medical offices, and home environments (Keurig Inc., 2014). In June of 2006, Keurig Inc. began operating as a subsidiary of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Inc. (Keurig Inc., 2014). The company also produces gourmet coffee, hot cocoa, ice beverages, and tea in different K-Cup portion brand packs. The company uses a network of national and local retailers as well as grocery stores ...

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...opriateness in the current market and if they need to make adjustments to their strategies. Also determining Keurig Inc.’s pricing strategies for consumer sales and aids the company in determining if their pricing strategy is appropriate for the current market. Lastly, identifying promotions for consumer sales helps Lazaris and the other leaders of Keurig Inc. determine if they must change their promotions to obtain the maximum profit from at-home-market sales.

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