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Business Analysis : Dell Dove Essay

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Dell. Dove. Energizer. These are just 3 examples of the numerous brands that consumers view on a daily basis. These brands vary tremendously in looks and purposes, and so do brands that advertise the same product. One thing that does not vary, however, is the way that companies convince consumers to buy their product. Advertisements are made solely for this purpose, and companies take great care in designing them so they do what they are meant to do. These advertisements are created by companies with many different ideas and thoughts in mind to make sure that they target their main demographic and that companies are successful in convincing consumers to buy their product.
Our company, Always Be Fresh Breath Mints, took great care in designing out advertisements. We used appeals and strategies that would make the consumer feel happy when they saw our advertisements. In our logo, we used the color blue to make a frame around the text, along with making the actual text blue. We did this because we wanted the consumer to feel calm and happy, and blue is known to be a calming color. In our magazine advertisements, we mainly used the need for attention, the need for affiliation, the transfer appeal, the friendship appeal, and the happiness appeal. We used these appeals because we want the consumers to feel that if they buy our product, that they will be happy, have friends and attention, and gain the attention from possible dates. We used these appeals in our video advertisements also, to show the same thing, that consumers will have friends and have attention from others if they buy our product.
The magazine and secondary advertisements that we created would successfully sell our product to a specific target audience bec...

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...lly able to get a hold of this person and finish, but for multiple hours, the situation did not look like it would turn out well. I learned that because of this, we should get our group work done earlier rather than later to avoid this situation again.
In the end, people can see that advertisement campaigns are able to target the intended demographic and successfully sell a product thanks to the advertisements that are carefully thought out and created by companies. Whether these advertisements advertise clothing, food, car care, you name it, they all have their own unique spin on how they convince consumers to buy that product over someone else’s. After thinking about all that it takes to create an advertisement to sell a product that probably is just as good as another product, why not just avoid those brands all together and buy the store brand instead?

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