Business Analysis: Chick Fil A Essay

Business Analysis: Chick Fil A Essay

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Each organization big or small has its own values, ways of doing things and assumption that it operates in. The principles and ethics that exist in each of these companies are the baseline through which the company operates its affairs. This is what can be called as that organization’s culture. The culture in existence has an impact on the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency (Keyton, 2011). The basis of setting the most appropriate culture of a company is not only to move or increase the profitability but also to make the stakeholders happy and satisfied. One aspect of that is the employee or the human resource the firm who put their expertise in the firm and add a bit of creativity and innovativeness to move the products. Chick-Fil-A operates in a competitive industry thus it requires all the stakeholders.
In addition to that the culture of openness and not holding information for so long on important issues in the company makes it possible for the investors and employees make tough and timely decisions without having in mind the negative consequences that they may be facing if anything goes wrong. Chick-fil-A encourages the employees to be continuously innovative and lead the way in making little decisions both in the kitchen and at service space. For example employees are allowed to modify ingredients of food to feed special customers’ needs. The segmentation of the management structure on the other hand facilitates the ease of communication.
This culture is real and effective because it brings everyone on board as it builds relationship between the various organization levels vertically or horizontally depending on each firm as well as directly influencing the employee have the confidence in their work because they...

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