Business Administration On A Pre Health Track Here At The University Of Florida

Business Administration On A Pre Health Track Here At The University Of Florida

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1. I am studying Business Administration on a Pre-Health track here at the University of Florida because I have a passion in helping others through the healthcare field and I would like to run and manage my private practice effectively one day. Ever since I was in elementary school, my dream was to become someone useful and resourceful in the healthcare field. At this very moment I do not know exactly what I want to specify myself in the healthcare system, but I know that I love helping others get better and feel better. I am studying business because I am fascinated with the whole structure of the business field, especially the finance aspect of it.
2. Ideally five years from now I see myself in medical school specializing in a specific area that I would find personally fulfilling. Hopefully before I start medical school, I would have an idea in what I want to specialize in, but from five years from now I see myself in medical school learning and gaining skills for the specific field that I would be specializing in. Five years from now, I also see myself starting to create and organize the small convenient stores that I want to carry out. Personally I would like to branch out the convenient stores to other states if they become successful here in Florida.
3. Practical experiences that I believe would help me reach my five-year-out ideal vision before I graduate is getting internships and shadowing opportunities. I would need to shadow different practices in order to see what healthcare field interests me. I will be volunteering at the dental school here at the University of Florida next week, so that is one step in gaining experience towards my health profession career goals. I would have to search shadowing opportunities or me...

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...within the dental field, which will make me become a stronger candidate compared from the other candidates who may never have worked in a dental field environment before. Posting my dental background will show the recruiter that I will not need extensive training, my dental experience in my resume will signal the recruiter that I will have an easy transition in the workplace. Therefore, resume one and two are greatly different form each other. Resume one is tuned with managerial skills, traits, and abilities in order to conform with the job description to job posting number one. Resume two emphasized more in having knowledge in the dentistry field, resume two also showed customer service characteristics in order to comply the job description of job posting number two, as well as emphasizing the importance of effective communication skills within the dentistry field.

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