Essay about Bush Must Go By Bill Press

Essay about Bush Must Go By Bill Press

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Bush Must Go was written by Author and columnist Bill Press, and in this
essential and timely handbook, Bill Press focuses on the 10 most important reasons
why the president doesn 't deserve a second term it doesn 't matter whether your priority
is the economy, health care, the war on terror, or Homeland Security. George W. Bush
is on the wrong side of all issues, and Bush must go. “Bill press is a very informed man
on the issues of prior president Bush, because he is a man who is in the atmosphere of
politics. He was a former co-host of the popular political debates on CNN and MSNBC.”
(Bush Must Go p.13) Bill Press is one of the best picked persons that could 've wrote this
very informative book simply because he was very blunt and did not lose any detail as
to why americans as a whole should 've not wanted Bush for a second term.
“Bill press stated “The election of 2004 is not about whether you like George
Bush better than John Kerry. The election of 2004 is about one thing only: It is a
referendum on George Bush’s record. It is our only chance to get rid of him before he
can do any more damage-to our nation, to our environment, and to our children’s
future.” This statement was a power house to many who refused that Bush would run a
second term.” (Bush Must Go p.54). The only dent in this statement was how George
Bush was spending money like a drunken sailor because a sailor can only spend what
he has, not what he has and the lives of others also.
In the election campaign of 2000, Canada George W. Bush ran as the
compassionate conservative. He promised to be a Uniter, not a divider. He promised a
America where no child is left behind. He promised to control spending and balance the
budget. And he promised and humble foreign po...

... middle of paper ...

...believe faithfully in Bush’s
Presidency and will remain faithful to that decision and that decision only.
Bill Press in my opinion after doing this research did a duty vy writing this book
and informing those uninformed. Press is not a biased writer, he went into all views of
the president issues and explained that either way Bush was not a good president.
Press was more of a president telling us the truth in his book then Bush would have
been executing laws in the United States.
In conclusion, the political world is no joke it decides for the life 's of not just
americans but the entire world between interactions with other nations. All should
become informed on who they vote for before they decide this should be the president
of the united states because the president can sometimes determine major things to a
family such as how many jobs you will need to survive.

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