Burundi Population and Economy Essay

Burundi Population and Economy Essay

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Burundi is among the poorest countries in the world in the human development index it ranked 166 out of the 169 in the listed countries. Burundi has a low GDP (gross domestic product) due to the conflict, poor access to education, corruption and the cause of HIV/AIDS. The GDP of the country is ~2.7billion and income per capita is estimated at $ 171in 2011(compared USD 300 in1993 crisis)The Economic expansion rate is at 2.5 percent which is too low compared to its neighboring countries due to high level of population growth and inert economic conditions. The country is very dependent upon foreign aid to sustain its economy. According to the international monetary fund report, agriculture has the biggest share of the economy of Burundi with 37.1 percent of the gross domestic product through coffee and tea crops. The agro-sector is the dominate employer with 94 % workforce (the majority of the population lives of agricultures) among the most cultivated crops are: tea, coffee, cotton, corn, sorghum, and bananas. Coffee is the biggest earner in international exchange which poss...

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