Burn Out and Fatigue in the Work Related Environment Essay

Burn Out and Fatigue in the Work Related Environment Essay

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Forming an understanding of fatigue and burnout on the job of delivering commodities cross-country is the focus herein. The discoveries from research conducted on fatigue have provided insight into additional concerns regarding the health of humanity. The process and development of how fatigue relates to the personal self when working under conditions of exertion are very important.
When driving over-the-road (OTR) cross-country under a tight delivery schedule period I had stressful experiences. For example, there was the stress coming from a lack of ample rest affecting how alert a mind could be. The amount of sleep was about 1-2 hours at a time with a few of the loads, while frequently a 4-5 hour period was what my body preferred to feel alert and awake. When a person only gets a couple hours of sleep in a day, it could catch up on them quickly and with tremendous impact both mentally and physically.
Humans need to get a good amount of rest in order to keep themselves stable and recharged physically. Relaxation becomes an essential part of the stress avoidance necessary to evade the dilemma of fatigue in life. When driving tractor-trailer during the nineties, I had learned from experience what fatigue does within the mental process.

Mentally Strained

It was difficult to back a truck up to a warehouse dock when tired mentally; including the physical exhaustion does not help. For example, backing up to the dock at a warehouse requires stepping on the clutch pedal of the tractor, which is greater than the pressure of one in general automobiles. Driving a tractor-trailer is different from a car in so many ways, and one example is the off tracking where the semi wheel track runs off a different track than the trailer. Having ...

... middle of paper ...

...t or the height of achievement we gain and share within the surrounding realm of work and personal life. 

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