Bureaucratic Vs. Bureaucratic Leadership Essays

Bureaucratic Vs. Bureaucratic Leadership Essays

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Communicating effectively with others is a difficult task, when practices of leadership are not considered. This is especially seen when considering how leadership has evolved from bureaucratic to more post-bureaucratic approaches. Previous styles of leadership lacked communication between those managing and those being managed. The advance of post-bureaucratic leadership, which involves a deeper form of communication between the managing and the managed, has shown how each is a key element of each other. It is believed that leaders should direct, motivate and empower their employees so as to reach maximum potential in the workplace. However, bureaucratic leadership has shown a lack of effective communication between managers and employees, and when compared to the more successful communication in post-bureaucracy, it is easy to see how post-bureaucratic approaches have been advancing.

Bureaucratic leadership, which is aimed at maximising employee efficiency often, leads to poor work satisfaction, and average performances from workers. The hierarchical structure of bureaucracy meant that tasks were divided based on status and there were strict rules and exact orders to follow. Bureaucracy has acquired the reputation of inefficiency, due to the fact that the strict rules means employees are less enthusiastic, which thus leads to poor customer service. It also means that the organisation is resistant to change and innovation, which is critical in a world that is ever changing (Walker and Brewer, 2009). While, some argue that bureaucracy is necessary in a situation where there is a need for standardised operations, it can also be argued that in modern times, it is rare for these conditions to be found, as there is a strong focus o...

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... it can be argued that communication is the key to effective leadership whether bureaucratic or post-bureaucratic methods are being employed. However, it is in the nature of bureaucracy itself that there is a hierarchy formed between the managers and the employees, creating a communication gap between them. A lack of communication can be proven to be detrimental to the relationship formed between employees and employers. This is the reason why post-bureaucratic leadership, with its more blurred line between managers and employees has advanced in recent years. The blurring of the line between the two means that employees are able to communicate more effectively with their employers, and thus, a closer relationship is born. Effectively leadership, is born out of proper communication and thus, the two are linked, as shown by the advance of post-bureaucratic approaches.

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