Bureaucracy Is A Legal Rational Organization Essay

Bureaucracy Is A Legal Rational Organization Essay

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Bureaucracy is a legal rational organization. Max Weber is known as the father of bureaucratic management. He has given this theory and tried to explain how it works. For this reason, he gave some principles and those are:
1. Impersonal order
2. Rules
3. Sphere of competence
4. Hierarchy
5. Personal and public ends
6. Written documents
So this elements are the basic characteristics of bureaucracy; we can say that Weber’s ‘ideal type’ construct of bureaucracy the most striking and thought provoking idea is his belief that impersonal order should orient the action bureaucrats both in the issuance of commands to subordinates and their obedience to them. In Rules we can easily imagin about rationality of bureaucracy. Spare of competence is about the quality of being adequately or well qualified physically and intellectually. Hierarchy is the organization of people at different ranks in an administrative body. A bureaucrat should know his right about public goods because if they use public goods as personal goods then dysfunction can be happened. Bureaucracy is all about written documents because all the documents of bureaucracy is based on written documents.In this characteristics some scholars found some floss and they criticized those things. Discussion about Bureaucratic Management’s criticism is given bellow: Albro: He is one the renowned critic of Max Weber. In his criticism, he mainly criticized about strict rules and regulation of Max Weber’s bureaucratic management.Marton [1952:366-67] argues that 1. An effective bureaucracy demands reliability of response and strict devotion to regulations. 2. Such devotio...

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... hand if Bureaucracy run with its rigidity then it can become autocratic because most of the decision will be taken by bureaucrats and people thought will not be counted. Sometime rigidity makes goal displacement because in most of time when bureaucracy is practiced a lot then bureaucrats cannot fulfill their goals and in several time people do not get proper service properly
From my interpretation, I can say that Bureaucracy should be performed for increasing public value. Weber’s bureaucratic model had some short comings like impersonality, rigidity etc. A person cannot be impersonal because most of the time he/she has to compromise with others. From this aspect bureaucracy should be criticized. On the other hand, bureaucracy maintain strict rules and regulation. Sometimes it causes goal displacement. This factor of bureaucratic criticism also con be criticized.

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