Burdened with Too Many of These Wacky Stories: Myths, folktales, and legends

Burdened with Too Many of These Wacky Stories: Myths, folktales, and legends

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Myths, folktales, legends, they have been poured upon us from a seemingly inexhaustible horn of plenty since the days of the ancient.

We are burdened with far too many of these wacky stories and whopping lies, and the very least we must do is to critically evaluate the content of these mostly crazy concoctions by using our common sense.

There are three primary reasons why many people firmly believe in some of this crap:

1. They do not know better.
2. They like it or they just accept it this way.
3. Others told them to believe it.

Seldom enough can we trust it, because it is true.

But even if we are aware of the fact that things are not real, like most of the content of the myths, folktales or legends, we must also question the value of such ‘works’ and must seriously ask ourselves: What is it good for?

Fairy tales are good. Santa Claus and Snow White are good. On the other hand, many stories we consider to be of cultural value are not good. If we treat them like fairy tales – fine! If we try to find a hidden message or a deeper sense – a waste of time!
Why can we be so simply misled or deceived? Myths, folktales, legends and similar stories of freaky imagination often contain such a large amount of nonsense and clearly recognizable misinformation that one should identify the ‘masterpieces’, immediately and easily, as pure rubbish.

We are simply taken for a ride when we read some of the famous legends. If we want to increase this foolishness, we must reach for the Greek or Roman myths, whereby the latter are nothing else but cheaply cribbed versions of the Greek literary applesauce. The Romans just bothered to change the names of the characters.

Myths, folktales, legends – they are so deeply engraved ...

... middle of paper ...

...f truth.
All are cordially invited to follow me to this strange land, lying in the paranoid shadows of madness, drug inebriation and other mind dulling excesses that must have influenced those ‘great works of culture, whether or not you believe in the myths, folk tales or legends or if you just love them as they are.

In this book, you will also find some stories of newer date, noteworthy or trivial, somber or rather amusing. They have been included to let the reader relax once in a while from the horrible discoveries related to these myths, legends and folktales.

However, if you see your picture of our so-called cultural heritage damaged, try to take it with humor, even if it might occasionally prove to be difficult.

The potatoes and the humor have one thing in common: You must dig them out first. But then, good or bad is often just a matter of opinion.

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