The Burden Of The Youngest Essay

The Burden Of The Youngest Essay

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burden of the youngest
In most families the youngest is the center of attention, but in mine, it is the burden. I am forced to live with the burden of being the youngest in my family. Inclusion is nothing but a dream to me. My voice is something that is never heard. No matter what the situation is, I am to blame. My sister is the violent one, but I am the one who got kicked out.
Throughout the years growing up, I always tried to be like my sister. She was my role model. I wanted nothing more than to be accepted by her. She never wanted to do anything with me, except when I had a friend over, money, or I was her last resort. Over time that broke down my self-esteem, which is still in the process of being rebuilt.
My voice, does it not exist? I feel like I am nothing but a mime my own home. I am the youngest, so everything I say is blown off. They think of me as a child, even though, I am legally an adult now. My mom keeps the medicine in the house locked away because I suffer with severe depression and anxiety. When I told her I needed a pill and that I was about to have an anxiety at...

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