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Bumper boats are stupid. Or so I thought. A complete waste of time and money. Seriously, who wants to buzz around in a poorly constructed piece of scrap metal surrounded by rubber for clueless little children? These were my thoughts until one of the weirdest and most hilarious events occurred a few summers ago. Then my opinion of bumper boats immediately changed.
It was the summer of 2006 in late July after my sixth grade year at Harrold Middle School. My parents surprised my brothers and me by telling us that our family, including my grandparents and aunt’s family, would be traveling to Cook Forest in Clarion, PA. We had been to the beautiful state park of Cook Forest many times before. In previous years, we experienced great weather conditions, great water conditions, and lots of family fun. Our schedule this past year would include tubing for several miles down the Clarion River each day, taking a family hike, going out to dinner at the Farmer’s Inn, and playing goofy golf.
In previous years we had also included go-karts in our schedule. One year, my brother, cousin, and I even tried out the bumper boats at the fun center. They were nothing spectacular but were okay.
Smart family we are, we were dressed in nice “out-to-dinner” clothes, nice kaki pants or shorts, and fancy shirts, when we arrived at the Family Fun Center. As I stepped out of the car, I heard the roaring and zipping of the midnight black go-karts, fueling my adrenaline. The water on the goofy golf course trickled down through the stones, passing a family of golfers lined up on hole number fourteen. The bright, summer sun shone on the water of the bumper boat pool creating a watery reflection on the faces of the employees.
My cousin and I raced ahead to t...

... middle of paper ...

...oss the pool, and all of the fountains stopped flowing water.
Finally, the boat slid slowly to the water’s surface and my terrified family all raced to the side to get out as soon as possible. (I was the last one out due to the fact that my engine had died). The employees were left speechless. The one employee was so awed by the previous chaos, he almost forgot to open the gate and allow us to escape the horror of the bumper boats.
Today our family likes to announce, “We completely destroyed that place! They probably would recognize us and never let us back again!”
As a theme to this story, bumper boats will surpass your expectations. These so called “harmless” vehicles can transform suddenly into death machines. To our surprise, the employees allowed us back this past year where we, again, unleashed the wrath of the bumper boats. I guess we never learn.

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