Bullying : Why Are Kids So Mean? Essay

Bullying : Why Are Kids So Mean? Essay

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Why are kids so mean to other? I don’t think I 'll ever understand why kids need to be so mean to other. I never had a problem in class with other kids but I know a lot of kids that did and were hurt from it in serious ways. Bullying is nothing to play with one because kids can take bullying to wanting to kill themselves and two no kids should have to go through bullying at all. Bullying had change people live in so many ways that no one can understand unless you have been in their shoes. For kids in elementary and middle school my one way to help is get a bunch of kids that have been bullying in school and everyone get a sticky note and write on them saying something that helped you to ease the pain and hand it to them then maybe they will see that what they are doing isn 't working and they need to stop it before someone get hurts or something bad happens and they feel bad about it for a lifetime. My second way is if you in middle school get some friends and get some sticky note or whatever you have around you or can find and write positive word on the and put them up in the school.
Bullying has changed the world we live in today. Parents are losing kids because of others kids in school can 't be nice. Bullying can be defined in many different ways. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has no legal definition of bullying,[5] while some states in the United States have laws against it.[6] Bullying is divided into four basic types of abuse – emotional(sometimes called relational), verbal, physical, and cyber.[7] It typically involves subtle methods of coercion, such as intimidation. (Wikipedia). Bullying is not something to take lightly Because the effect it has on people now. There are different type...

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...ose to tell someone right then and there no matter what happen. Conner was being bullied every day and he didn 't tell anyone not even his brother and they were close. After being bullied at a new school Conner couldn’t handle it anymore and kill himself which killed our small little town. Conner was the sweetest guy you would ever met no lie. Conner use his football belt to hang himself in the new house they just moved into 3 weeks before this happened. Adian went to wake up Conner and find his brother there. Conner didn’t tell anyone about it so none could help him and stop what he was thinking.
Conner and a lot of other shouldn’t have to go through this alone just have to tell someone about it so other can help and know what is going on. Bullying isn 't funny and shouldn’t be stopped. If we could somehow get everyone together and put a stop to bullying.

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