Bullying, The Most Common Ground For Bullying Essay

Bullying, The Most Common Ground For Bullying Essay

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The movie Bully was greatly filmed and showcased the most sensitive and also hidden truth about bullying which goes on not only in our schools but everywhere, though school is the most common ground for bullying and it has always existed in different forms, shapes, and conditions. What makes this issue so sensitive is the fact that it is not taken into consideration as much as other issues but what’s mistaken is that the discard of this issue can lead to many other problems and sometimes the results could be as fatal as death and this brutal consequences is nothing but the result of ongoing picking, kicking, and harassing, which to others such as parents, peers, and or school officials is a way of playing around with each other. They are not wrong to say such a thing because things like fighting and picking on each other does take place between kids, however, the adults are to blame when they are unable to define a line between playing and bullying, adults should understand how much is too much. Most of the times as seen in the movie parents are completely unaware of their kids standing in school, which I believe starts to cause problems because constant mediation should take place if a kid is experiencing bullying, which is only possible if the parents are aware of what is happening in their child 's life outside of home.

The movie Bully is focused on ten to eleven years of age students and this in general is a transitional period and a starting point in life where you start to think and plan for yourself, you want to express your self, you have the need to fit in, and be liked by your peers. Although, the movie Bully displays a w...

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...I would take the time to constantly sit and talk with each student as often as possible to see where and how their struggling but I’ll do so in a friendly conversation, because to my belief it is important to be aware of what’s going on in a child 's mind in order to help them and this can apply to both the victims or even the bullies. The movie Bully in my way is a great way to raise awareness and I would likely do the same, in society ruled by social media it is the best approach to reach millions of people, youtube videos are a great example of this. Also, schools discipline needs to be a bit more strict in terms of bullying because it is taken very casually. As having studied developmental psychology I tend to place great focus on the development periods of children which is why I suggest that children need to be taught to manage their emotions at an early stage.

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