Bullying : The Eyes Of Others Essay

Bullying : The Eyes Of Others Essay

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In the Eyes of Others
In the eyes of others, girls begin to change themselves to meet expectations. Magazines, movies, shows, commercials, and many more advertisements available with a touch or reach show men and women that girls should look a certain way to be considered beautiful. This tragedy, known as bullying, effects people in the harshest ways causing them to alter and shape themselves into something they aren’t and were not meant to be. This being losing weight rapidly, getting plastic surgery, beginning unhealthy sexual behavior and relationships or thinking of ending it all, bulling is an issue that must be put to an end. In peer bullying, parents can choose to play a big role and stop their child from bullying, or help their adolescent from harming themselves due to being taunted.
In Hunter’s poem, “Barbie”, the girl gets made fun of for having a “big nose and fat legs.” (6). This became an ongoing taunt that people threw in her face. She began feeling as if she had to change those features so people would like her better and quit making fun of her. This became a bigger problem, as changing oneself drastically usually does. “She cut off her nose and her legs and offered them up. In the casket displayed on the stain, she lay with the undertaker’s cosmetics painted on, a turned-up putty nose…” (17-21). These lines show a convinced girl willing to kill herself trying to be perfect for her peers. The saddest part is as she lay in the casket, and the children who had bullied her looked over her and stated, “Doesn’t she look pretty?” (Hunter, Marge Piercy). The bullies fail to see the damage they caused even as their victim lies in a casket. This seems harsh and maybe overplayed, but it is the truth. Most of the time bullies...

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...s should make sure the child knows he or she is not in trouble and will answer honestly (Signs of Bullying: Important Questions for Parents to Ask). Studies show that if a child who is being bullied tells a parent, the child can overcome it and usually the bullying stops.
As shown, bullying is a serious matter with serious outcomes. In Piercy’s poem, she shows us that girls go to extremes to change into the mold others prefer. The reason so many have so called preferences, is because of society and what it throws to the world as the perfect woman. As humans today it is almost impossible not to begin to alter yourself to fit that mold, and this causes insecurities that allow others to pick at you in ways where you want to change drastically. These changes often are threatening and should be made aware of by parents, allowing bullying to be put to an end at the roots.

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