Essay on Bullying : Task 4 And Bullying

Essay on Bullying : Task 4 And Bullying

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TBP1 Task 4 – Bullying (Task 3)

Bullying, it is a major issue around many people, the world, and often reported in the news. Many who experienced bullying with or without knowing that they have been bullied or even bullied other people. There are many reasons for people to become bullies, and it is happening all around us. Bullying comes in many different forms: physical bullying, verbal bullying, relational bullying, psychological bullying, and social bullying. In the past, bullying can only happen in person, but with improving technologies, there is a new kind of bullying called cyber-bullying.
Cyber-bullying can occur at anytime, and anywhere through cell phones, text messaging, videos, emails, blogging, Facebooks, Instagram and more. With all the different communication channels and social medias, It can be used to insult, spread rumors, impersonate, and harass others. With the rapid change in technologies, it is hard to capture the data and trends accurately. Bullying is a serious issue and has an adverse effect that could lead to depression, anxiety, and worse suicide. To become a bully takes a long process, with the help from parents, schools, communities, and social media, bullies and bullying can be prevented.

Parents and schools play a significant role in stopping bullies. The research states “the families of bullies are lacking in warmth and closeness and focused on power and dominance.” (1) To prevent bullying, parents, school staffs and all adults have a role to play. Help children who experienced bullying to understand that it is unacceptable behavior and how to stand up to it. Communication is always the key. Adults should listen to children, know what is going on around them, friends, school, an...

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...ome where it is visible and educate children not to respond or forward threatening emails. (3) Social media can influence everyone in a positive way, and with board casting more positive shows and information, it set a right attitude to children and prevent bullying.

Preventing and stopping bullying involves a significant commitment to creating a safe environment where children can thrive, socially and academically without being afraid. If we can recognize what is going on with our kids, communicate and listen to what their thought is, give them support and help them to understand and be confident about themselves. Help them and guide them to stand up with sure to respond to the bully. If we can follow the three methods of prevention and get everyone to work together, it can help people to understand the society better, and influence others to stop bullying.

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