Essay on Bullying Students Are Victims Of Bullying

Essay on Bullying Students Are Victims Of Bullying

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Sticks and stones may break your bone, but mean words can tear holes in your spirit. Imagine that you are shorter than every student in your class. One day, you are walking to class and you have a bad feeling when you approach the door. You take a step inside the door and someone reaches over and grabs your book and starts chanting ‘jump shortie, come on jump’. You jump and cannot reach it no matter how hard you try, and the teacher isn’t around to help stop them. End of the day comes around, you go home and you tell your parents what happened, and they call the school. The school says, ‘I’m sorry this happened, but we didn’t see it going on or we would have stopped it.’ Next morning, you go to your parents and say ‘I don’t feel good, can I stay home?’ Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year and approximately 160,000 teens skip school every day because of bullying. (11 Facts About Bullying).In order to put a stop to the problem of bullying in school, we need to examine causes and effects, and some possible solution to this issue.

Schools can’t seem to tell what bullying really is, and bullying is a problem that can derail a child’s schooling, social life, and their emotional well-being. (Wolfson). Bullying can include assault, tripping, intimidation, rumor spreading and isolation, destruction of property, theft of valuable possessions, destruction of another’s work and name calling, which happens all the time in schools around the country. Carolin was in elementary school and her school was all about money and clothes; A boy in eighth grade started following her around and started to call her names, took her stuff, and made up rumors about her (“Real Teens Speak Out”). This boy shows the perfect example of...

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...res bullying usually suffers from low self-esteem and their ability to learn and be successful in school (Tamanini). Low-self esteem and not successful in school can make a kid drop out of school and not be successful in life. Targets of bullies can have these symptoms, headaches, stomach aches, depression, and eating disorder, high incidence of dropping out of school, self initiation, substance abuse, suicide, and violence towards each other (Wolfson). Targets of bullies are usually the weak willed, their self-esteem is already torn down, and have problems that give the bullies something to point out. Warning Signs can be a crucial thing to look for which are unexplained cuts or bruises, damaged or missing clothes, takes unnecessary long routes to school, sudden loss of interest in school work or performing poorly, no longer wants to hang out with friends, frequent

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